Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How About Some Links to Some Freebies

Is Friday the New Moon or is it Saturday? Whichever it is, I have to remember to take a picture of my ort jar for the TUSAL before then so I can post it.

Bustle and Sew has the cutest hedgehog & turtle embroidery pattern for Valentine's day [via One Pretty Thing].

It's been awhile since I visited LaGattaC, a blog for links to free cross stitch charts . Most of the freebies are on blogs written in languages other than English, but when it comes to cross stitch, that doesn't matter all that much. And if you have to translate something, there's always Google translate.

There's a monthly Postcard Stitch-A-Long on Les grilles de Maryse. The January chart and floss list is on this post (English translation here). Some day I plan to stitch the 2007 Country Houses SAL (in English). Because I want to see pigs fly.

is a Dutch blog with several free charts (monochromatic sampler type) that I really like. According to Google, Stofnest means Nest Material.

Over on TipNut, are two embroiderered potholder patterns of a sugar bowl and a creamer.

Look at this cute Quadropus made from a glove on Family Fun (that's an octopus with only four arms) [via One Pretty Thing].

Don't freak out but I may actually have something to share for Finished for Friday over at Lit and Laundry this week. I finished x-stitching my little reindeer and now just have to figure out what to do with him next.


Loralynn said...

Thanks for the links. By the way, who told you pigs can't fly? Way to kill my illusions!

Miss Paula said...

Hey Patty I am having a give a way!!

Thanks again for the freebies!!!

Gina E. said...

"Because I want to see pigs fly" - LOL! You are funny, Patty! I was having a clean up of my stash yesterday, and found something you had sent me ages ago.
OK, so I haven't used it (yet), but at least I kept it safe!

jelly said...

Thanks for the great links!