Thursday, May 13, 2010

Matter Of Trust Needs Your Hair

An organization called Matter of Trust is collecting human hair and dog hair/fur to stuff into nylon booms that can be used to soak up oil from the spill in the gulf.


Watch this video:

Go to Matter of Trust for more information on getting your hair clippings and your dog's clippings to them.

They will also take wool from farmers.

I love this!


Busym1 said...

What a good idea!

Mountainrose said...

There is Do Dah Dog days in Birmingham AL this weekend and they are asking all dog owners to bring in the hair/fur that their dogs have shed and will have a brushing out station as well. It takes over 11 pounds of hair/fur to fill one leg of a pantyhose to make an oil soaker. One of the panty hose manufactures has donated a huge amount of pantyhose to make these soakers with, All they need is the hair/fur. Human hair works just as well as dog fur.

Loralynn said...

Amazing how this works! I will definately contact our local groomer to see if I can add my dog fur and hair to theirs. Thanks for the link!

Jennifer said...

An alpaca farmer here in PA has donated his whole crop of fur for the efforts