Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Freebie Links

Quite awhile ago, I found some free tea pot embroidery patterns on the Cathron Country Designs blog and printed them out but forgot to save a link to the blog or post it here, and I have been too lazy to actually pull out the patterns from the binders I keep them in -- hey, it's a huge accomplishment for me to go through the stacks of patterns on my bedroom floor and get them organized and filed away -- and check where they came from. Fortunately, I just found them linked on another blog, so here ya go:

tea pots & tea cups
baby animals
sewing items
ABC stitcheries
teddy bears

The blog I found the link on is The Best FREE Craft Articles which has a ton of interesting things that I'm still going through. For example, there are 53 links in the list for embroidery crewel cross stitch punch needle etc alone. If you have some free time, go see what all is there. And, please let me know if you find a pattern for a hedgehog, donkey or wombat of any kind. Not that I will actually ever make it but I still have some room in my pattern binders. :P By the way, I don't know if it's just me but each page takes forever to load.

And, if you have even more free time, Denise at CraftGossip has another great post chockfull of x-stitch freebies and one with free embroidery patterns too. I always check the sewing blog over there too. Lots of good links to tutorials and patterns there as well.

Happy Monday!

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Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link to The Best Craft Articles!